5 Types of Corporate Videos Your Company Should Make

In today’s digital era, corporate videos have become essential business tools. These videos can effectively communicate your brand message, engage your audience, and highlight different aspects of your company. By leveraging the right types of corporate videos, you can enhance your brand’s presence and make a lasting impact.

To help your company stand out and succeed, explore these corporate videos below:

1. Brand Story Videos

Brand story videos are a dynamic way to share your company’s narrative, blending your history, values, and vision into a format that resonates emotionally with viewers.

For instance, you could craft a corporate video that traces the origins of your organic food company, starting from a small family farm, highlighting the founder’s early commitment to sustainable farming techniques.

Intersperse visuals of the lush fields, early morning harvests, and the community that supports the farm alongside interviews with family members who share stories of the farm’s evolution. You can engage professional corporate video production services to help bring this vision to life.

This will allow viewers to truly grasp the essence of your brand, enhancing credibility and encouraging a deeper, more meaningful engagement.

2. Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstration videos effectively highlight how a product works, showcasing its features and benefits clearly and engagingly. For example, the video could showcase a multifunctional coffee maker, with an employee demonstrating how to operate it, adjust settings for different brew strengths, and use its various features to customise each cup of coffee.

As a result, these corporate marketing videos allow potential customers to see exactly how a product functions and what it offers. Studies like one by Wyzowl show that nearly 69% of consumers value these demonstrations when choosing what to buy.

By clearly showcasing a product in action, these videos enhance customer understanding and can significantly impact sales, as they give customers the confidence they need to make informed decisions.

If you want to maximise the quality and impact of your product promotion, you can consider partnering with a reputable corporate video production house.

3. Employee Testimonial Videos

Is your company looking to attract top talent? Employee testimonial videos can be critical to achieving this goal.

This type of corporate video features employees sharing their experiences and insights, providing a genuine look at your company’s culture and environment. They help build trust by showcasing the real faces behind your brand and offer potential talent a sneak peek into the daily life and values of your workplace.

This transparency not only attracts prospective employees but also solidifies your company’s image as a community-focused and employee-valued organisation.

4. Customer Testimonial Videos 

When deciding on a purchase, potential customers often look for reviews to guide their decisions. While written reviews are helpful, many prefer to see and hear real experiences.

Customer testimonial videos offer this visual and emotional connection, showcasing satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with your product or service. These corporate videos can help build your brand’s credibility and trust, as viewers can see genuine reactions and hear detailed accounts of how your offerings have made a difference.

In turn, they can enhance your brand’s reputation and demonstrate the value of your products or services, ultimately driving higher conversion rates.

5. Training and Educational Videos

While capturing the attention of potential customers is important, the backbone of any company is its employees. Thus, creating training and educational videos becomes a smart investment for employee onboarding and skill development.

This is because corporate videos provide engaging, consistent, and easily accessible training materials, helping employees quickly understand company processes and acquire new skills. Additionally, they save time in the onboarding process by allowing new hires to learn at their own pace and have a resource to refer back to if needed.

Over time, these videos can significantly enhance employee performance and support company growth, creating a more knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

Start Leveraging Corporate Videos

Integrating these corporate videos into your marketing and communication strategies can significantly enhance your brand’s presence. To ensure top-quality content that resonates with your audience, you can engage a video production company for professional guidance and creative direction.

Start producing one today and see the positive impact these videos can have on your business.


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