Ideas to Assets: Connecting Markets through IP

4 - 5 SEPTEMBER 2018 | Level 5, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore

Benjamin Mah

Program Director
TNB Ventures

Benjamin Mah is a venture-capitalist, a manpower development advisor, a national research advisor, and a serial-entrepreneur. Prior to investments, Benjamin was founding CEO of V-Key, which offers the world’s first patented digital secure element and trust platform which was invested and globally adopted by ANT Financial Group, Benjamin spearheaded a new software revolution replacing traditional expensive hardware with governments and Asia Top 5 trusted financial institutions, in providing the highest-grade digital security for users of mobile and IOT devices around the globe.

Benjamin held senior management positions in multi-national companies including Oracle, IBM, and CA, where in key regional leadership roles he drove a large part of the core security software business and established new business units.

As a thought leader with deep industrial experience, Benjamin is also highly sought-after to lead strategic initiatives at global and national forums, contributing as a chairperson and lead advisor on matters ranging from strategic talent development to future growth and capability development.