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english tuition

Singapore is the financial hub of South Asia, and people from different countries like China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, India live in Singapore for personal and professional reasons. English is the main language for business communication in Singapore and it is used for higher education also. Since English is not the mother tongue for many students, they find it difficult to understand and speak English when they are admitted to primary school. Hence many parents are interested in finding a reliable tutor who offers English tuition Singapore primary school level at a reasonable rate.


Finding tutors

Parents have usually hired a tutor for their child if the child is not doing well in some subjects, and they do not have the time or inclination to teach their child themselves. Earlier tutors were hired using the personal and professional network of the parent or asking the teacher. The parents usually did not have much choice while selecting the tutor and often had to pay high rates. To overcome this problem, now parents can find English tutors online conveniently using tutor websites like Champion tutors. They can either choose online tuition or find a tutor who will visit the child at home.



For finding a suitable tutor, the parent has to decide how many hours of English tuition the child will require. This will depend on multiple factors like the age of the child, the current English grades and how much the parent can afford to pay. In some cases the parent may also specify the ethnic background of the tutor, they will prefer someone of the same ethnic background. For smaller children who are not very proficient in computers and other gadgets, the parent may prefer a home tutor, who will visit the home to teach the child for a few hours weekly. Older children may prefer to take online English tuition, since the charges may be lower.


 In some cases, especially for younger children and girls, the parent may not want their child to spend time with a male tutor, so the parent should specify the gender, only female tutors should apply. The parent should also specify the hourly rate which he is willing to pay depending on his budget and the duration for which the tutor is required. In case a home tutor is required, it is advisable to specify the location of the home since tutors will also consider the cost of traveling to the home while applying for a tuition job. The parent can then post his requirement on the Champion tutors website so that registered tutors who are looking for teaching jobs can apply directly for the job.


Finalizing a tutor 

After posting the job requirement, the parent will usually find that many tutors have applied for the job. Typically the number of tutors applying for an online teaching job will more be compared to a home tutor position. Also, fewer tutors will apply for positions where the ethnicity and gender of the tutor are specified. The parent can review all the applications, checking the resume, experience, rating, and rates for the tutor. Typically top rated and experienced tutors are charging higher rates. 


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