Everything about Singapore Interpreting Services – IP Week 2018


Singapore is one of the most progressive Asian countries, and their constantly growing businesses require interpreters to help them communicate internationally. Even individuals who need to have conversations with people who do not speak their language hire interpreters to help them. Interpreters are one of the significant factors to successful interracial communication, contributing to successful businesses and relationships. Before we dive into the depths of Singapore’s interpreting services, let’s look at two different kinds of interpreting.

  1. Simultaneous interpreting

This kind of interpreting employs highly skilled language professionals. While the speaker is talking, the interpreter translates simultaneously, with no need for a break or for the speaker to finish their sentence. The industry standard is to have at least two interpreters because of the high demand for the particular skill set. One interpreter may not handle the stress and pressure of the job, thus requiring another to support them, especially during large-scale events such as conventions and conferences. Businesses that are in international competition need this kind of interpreter. It keeps them at par with organizations such as the UN and major government departments.

  1. Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the more common kind, where the linguist allows the speaker to finish their sentence before translating. The speech is usually cut into chunks for the interpreter to analyze and interpret. They are often hired for smaller business events such as presentations, meetings, interviews, or social events. It is also used for marriage registrations, medical consultations, court hearings, and small occasions.

Singapore interpreting services invest in the person, but they also aim to have the highest quality of interpreting equipment to aid the linguist. There are interpreting equipment, interpreter booths, and interpreter receivers such as headsets and microphones.

The Specifics of Singapore Interpreting Services

There are two kinds of systems employed for interpreting. The infrared system has a CD sound quality and a choice between a complete interpreter’s booth or a tabletop setting. The second is the frequency modulation system, akin to listening to a radio station using an FM device. This is ideal for large-scale events with 10,000 or more people attending.

It is not as pricey as it may sound, for Singapore interpreting services offer competitive rates to those who want to avail it. The price is usually computed to include the interpreter’s fee, the equipment to be used, and the duration of the service. Singaporean businesses are more likely to invest in a good interpreter and quality equipment because the investment return is massive. Building connections and relationships with international clients will bring more money to the table, and one can even say that it pays for the interpreting services.

Interpreters may even offer additional services such as transcription and voice-overs. Voice-over services are usually used for ads, movies, games, audiobooks, and more. Transcription services are used to convert a document in a different language to the user’s preferred language.

Interpreting services are a lucrative skill, and Singapore has many professional interpreters and top-of-the-line equipment that businesses worldwide can hire to fulfill their need for international communication.


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