How to Know When MacBook Battery Replacement is Essential?

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If you are using a MacBook laptop, you have to replace the battery after a certain period. There is not a perfect machine available in this world. So, an upgrade is essential in some point of time to make your device future-proof or good enough to meet your needs. The battery is one of the most important components that need replacement. How to know when it is time to replace your laptop’s battery?  Check out Elservice for their macbook battery replacement service at 

You can find many MacBook owners who don’t have a clear idea about the average lifecycle of the battery. If you don’t know when to replace the battery, you are making things complicated for your MacBook. The overall performance of your laptop comes down with a faulty battery. It is a fact that the battery of a MacBook laptop depletes gradually. If you are an experienced user, you might have a fair idea of the battery life. Let us explore the best method to know when to replace the MacBook battery. 



With the help of an in-built tool, you can check the current status of your MacBook battery. When you press the ‘Option’ button on the keypad, you will be directed to the menu bar where you can find a battery icon. Once you click on this icon, a drop-down menu will appear that displays the �Condition’ of the battery. It shows you one of the four options, including Service Battery, Replace Now, Replace Soon and Now. 



You don’t need to think about an immediate action if you see the icon Normal or Replace Soon. The Replace Now icon suggests that the battery charge has come down considerably, and replacement needs to be done as soon as possible. If you see the message Service Battery, it is a clear indication that replacement is inevitable. You have to take your laptop immediately to a reliable and reputed MacBook battery replacement Singapore service provider. 



Apple also lets you know the exact charging cycle numbers. Cycling numbers refer to the number of charging cycles the battery has undergone. Firstly, you have to hold the Option button and then tap on the Apple menu. From the menu, you must choose System Information and Power in the Hardware options to know the exact cycle counts. 



Most of the latest MacBook models come with a maximum number of 1000 charging cycles. The maximum cycle count for each model is listed on Apple’s instruction page. If the charging cycle number reaches close to the maximum number listed on the instruction page, you should consider a battery replacement. 


It is always advisable to seek professional help if you have some doubts about the battery performance. There are many different types of MacBook repair centres available in Singapore. You must identify a renowned and reliable MacBook battery replacement Singapore service provider to get this job done efficiently. 



If your laptop battery is draining quicker than usual, you need to consult with an experienced technician to rectify the issue immediately. Trusted service providers such as Elservice offer the best advice and guidance and perform battery replacement fast and affordably to meet your needs perfectly.  



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