Places with the most convenient cycling routes in Singapore

cycling routes

Places with the most convenient cycling routes in Singapore.

One of the best ways of reducing the commuting time in Singapore is by the construction of convenient cycling paths in major Singapore cities and neighbourhoods. You might have already noticed the rapid popping up of comprehensive and cyclist-friendly routes all over Singapore and its communities.

These paths are under the National Cycling Plan to have entire Singapore linked with cyclist-friendly tracks, making it possible for citizens to cycle for exercising and recreation and cycling to work. Indeed, the Ang Mo Kio was the first housing estate in Singapore to have fully completed bike paths by 2019.

The “Cycle to Work” appeal led to 190 kilometres of cycling paths in significant housing estates.

(Paths are shared by both the cyclists and pedestrians). It is estimated that by 2030, the total length of cycling and pedestrian paths will be over 700km (distance from Penang to Singapore)

With the ever-expanding cycling network and the increased demand for cycling, more people opt to buy bikes over cars. Here are some of the best places you can live and enjoy cycling to work in Singapore.

Yishun. Since 2013, over 10,230 new HDB units have already been built in Yishun new city and a staggering 15517 units in Punggol within the same period. Although most of these flats are in the developing parts of the Southeastern part of Yishun, the residents will have a chance to access the current amenities such as the new Northpoint City, legendary Chong Pang hawker, through bike paths. The National Cycling Plan has established that the Yishun’s cycling paths will connect several workplaces, including the:

Seletar Aerospace Park (about 5 km cycling journey)

The Ang Mo Kio Industrial area (about 6.5km)

Senoko Industrial Estate and the Woodlands Industrial Park (about 9.5 km through the Round Island Route).

Tampines. Last year, the Land Transport Authority unveiled plans to establish a new cycling network from the current 6.9 km to over 21 km by the end of 2022. Besides, new footpaths will be installed and redesigning significant roads to accommodate cyclists in Singapore. For instance, in respect of the cycling trunk route, the current bike path built over the super Tampines Expressway will reduce road congestion during the peak hour jam. Once the network is complete, the Tampines residents, especially the new BTO flat residents, will have a chance to access most workplaces on bikes. These places include:

Changi Business Part. About 4.3 km

Changi Logistics Centre. About 4.7 km

Loyang Industrial Estate. About 4.6 km

Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate about 7.2 km.


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