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Students in Singapore spend many hours daily seated in front of their study table. While they can do their reading without a table, many prefer to use a table if they are taking notes while reading . Most students have to do writing homework regularly. For writing it is very important to have a comfortable table to support the book, writing pad, or paper, else the handwriting will get affected. They are also using a tablet or laptop in some cases, and having the right table height is also important in these cases. Hence parents are looking for a suitable study table for kids Singapore, which is well designed and comfortable, so that their child can use it for many hours, without suffering from any ache or other problem.


Kidschamp magicube is one of the most popular and well designed children’s table available in Singapore. One of the reasons why many parents prefer to purchase the table is because the height of the table is adjustable. Usually children will start requiring a table for their writing work or studies from the age of three, and continue using it till they become young adults. If the parents will purchase a conventional table of a fixed height for their child, they will find that the child has outgrown the table in a few years. 


When the height of the table is less than the ideal height for the user the child will usually slouch over the table while writing. If this slouching is not noticed and corrected quickly it can affect the posture and appearance of the child. Having poor posture can adversely affect the professional and personal life of the child in the long term. Hence most parents will get a new table for their child when they notice that the child is slouching. However, the process of replacing the existing table with a new table is expensive and time consuming for multiple reasons.


For purchasing a new table, the parent will have to spend time researching the tables available to find a suitable table. He will then have to place the order to get it delivered at the address. All items stored in the existing table will have to be shifted to the new table. Since most homes do not have space for multiple tables , the existing table will have to be stored in a suitable space or disposed, especially if there is no other younger child in the family. Disposal of the old table will also take some effort and time.


Hence purchasing a table whose height can be easily adjusted is one of best ways to avoid wasting time and money purchasing multiple tables.The ergonomically designed Magicube table for children from Kidschamp allows the parent or user to easily adjust the height according to the requirement of the child, so that he can comfortably use it. A crank handle is provided on the right/ left side of the table so that the user can precisely adjust the height of the table between 52 cm and 76 cm to match the height of the growing child and preventing poor posture.



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