Singapore’s first and only IP Award is back! Returning in its sixth edition, the WIPO-IPOS IP Awards 2018 is the pre-eminent accolade that celebrates companies that have achieved outstanding enterprise growth in innovation, transformation and commercialisation through intellectual property (IP).

Call for Nominations

Thank you for your interest. The call for nominations is closed.

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Why Enter

  1. Gain recognition for your IP-driven efforts
  2. Connect with like-minded individuals and organisations that drive innovation and business growth through IP
  3. Contribute towards building an exciting and vibrant IP-driven ecosystem and economy


  • WIPO-IPOS IP Award Winner Trophy
  • WIPO-IPOS IP Award Certificate
  • Complimentary IP ValueLab workshops
  • Complimentary pass to the Global Forum on IP (GFIP)
  • Profiling opportunities

Award Categories

IPOS Award for IP Champions – Best Commercialisation Strategy
The Best Commercialisation Strategy IP Award is awarded to an organisation in recognition of their outstanding achievement in driving incremental profit or growth through IP.

IPOS Award for IP Champions – Most Transformative
The Most Transformative IP Award is awarded to an organisation in recognition of their outstanding achievement in transforming their business model and industry through IP.

IPOS Award for IP Champions – Most Innovative
The Most Innovative IP Award is awarded to an organisation in recognition of their outstanding achievement in creating new products, services or solutions that others have never thought of.

WIPO Users’ Trophy
The WIPO Users’ Trophy is awarded by WIPO to a particular user of WIPO’s IP services in recognition of its early adoption or innovative use of WIPO’s international services and is awarded at the discretion of WIPO.

WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy
The WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy is awarded to the most outstanding recipient of the IPOS Award for IP Champions to recognise an organisation that has made imaginative use of IP in their business activities.
Panel of Judges

Ms Angeline Chan
Enterprise Singapore (ESG)
Mr Lester Chan
Chief Executive Officer
Fund Singapore
Prof Hang Chang Chieh
Executive Director
Institute for Engineering Leadership
Mr Mark Lim
Director (Hearings and Mediation)
Dr Wolfgang Müller-Witting
Executive Director
Fraunhofer Singapore

What Last Year’s Judges Had to Say…

“This year (2017) we had the privilege of judging an impressive set of applicants. Many of them have great business plans and deeper understanding of how to exploit their IP portfolio to expand their commercial operation. This is very encouraging for Singapore on her journey to build and sustain as a vibrant IP hub.”

– Mr. Abhijit Ghosh, Partner, International Tax, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Intellectual Property Strategy management forms a key ingredient for branding success which involves creating, managing and exploiting IP to gain competitive advantage for the brand. We are very delighted to see a surge in the quality of the entries on how IP is used in their deployment of their brand strategy. This affirms the growth in the adoption of IP as an important strategy amongst our SMEs in Singapore.”

– Mr. Luke Lim, Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer, Louken Group

















WIPO-IPOS IP Awards 2018 is organised by IP ValueLab on behalf of IPOS.